Business Idea

To offer partners an exclusive right to an oat variety tailored for its own needs.

Our Vision

By 2020 Crop Tailor has launched numerous special oat varities and is the world leader in modern plant pre-breeding of oats. Crop Tailor development underlies approximately 50 % of the cultivated oat crops in the world.

Company Overview

Crop Tailor is a privately owned Swedish biotech company, develops oat with unique properties significantly faster and with a much higher precision than traditional breeding due to unique technology. CropTailor owns a unique population of 2600 mutated oat lines with high variation in properties such as, for example, resistance towards the widespread Fusarium fungus, increased or improved β-glucan-, antioxidant-, lignin-, phytosterol-, sa- ponin-, di-galactolipid and protein levels. Crop Tailor is alone in the world having a mutagenized population of oats. This population is derived from chemical modification of the oat genome. The process is referred to as ”mutagenesis”. Looking collectively at the whole population there are hundreds of mutations in every individual gene, adding up to an excess of 2 billion mutations in a total population of 2600 lines. The Company has also developed novel high precision small scale selection procedures based on advanced biochemistry, analytical chemistry and molecular biology, enabling the researchers to screen this large population of oat lines for the desired properties.


The company is located at Kemicentrum at Lunds University. The adress is Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Getingevägen 60, 221 00 Lund, Sweden.