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Welcome to Crop Tailor

Crop Tailor is a biotech company that develops new oat varieties significantly faster and with a higher precision than traditional breeding due to unique technology.

Crop Tailor is working actively with several new oat varieties and will together with future business partners develop additional varieties tailored for the partners needs.

Moreover, the oat varieties will not be defined as GMOs, which greatly simplifies their commercialisation. So far the founding team has invested more than 12 man years and roughly €4 million of research grants and own capital to create the unique technology.

Latest News

October 2012
CropTailor AB website is updated with new design and features.

June 2012
CropTailor AB representatives attended the 9th International Oat conference held in Beijing.

January 2012
CropTailor AB published an article on winter oats in an international journal

December 2011
CropTailor AB published a review on latest trends in TILLING in an international journal.