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Welcome to Crop Tailor

CropTailor is a biotech company specialized in oat. CropTailor’s business idea is to develop new niche oat varieties with enhanced agricultural and health benefitting properties. Our vision is to increase oat cultivation in Sweden for the benefit of both the environment and Swedish farmers and Export industry.

Using Crop Tailors proprietary technology, new oat varieties will be produced with higher precision and in a shorter time than traditional breeding companies. CropTailor will together with future business partners develop additional varieties tailored for the partner’s needs. 

Moreover, the oat varieties will not be defined as GMOs, which greatly simplifies their commercialization.

Business Idea

By taking advantage of mutagenesis, advanced biochemistry and genomic tools, new niche oat varieties with enhanced agronomic- and/or health promoting properties will be developed.


The company is located at the Chemistry Center at Lund University. The address is Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Naturvetarvägen 16, 221 00 Lund.




Latest News

April 2018
CropTailor ABs website is updated with new design and features

Ca 2000 CT-lines were planted out at the Lönnstorp Field Station in South Sweden.

Olof Olsson presents oat genomics and ScanOats on a GMO network meeting in Uppsala, arranged by Bo Ekstrand, Bioconsult AB

January 2018
Lantmännen makes a press release about the oat genome (

Olof Olsson presents the worlds first assembled hexaploid oat genome sequence at the Plant and Animal Genomic conference in San Diego, USA

Olof Olsson presents ScanOats on Lantbruksnytt

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