CropTailor - tailoring crops for the future

We focus on trait development of oats through advanced technology test

High precision

New oat varieties will be produced with higher precision with our proprietary technology.

Shorter time

New oat varieties will also be produced in a shorter time than traditional breeding companies.

High nutritional values

New niche oat varieties with enhanced agronomic- and/or health promoting properties

Our technology & assets

Steps in Developing a New Oat Variety for a Business Partner

The oat mutagenized population

CropTailors owns a world unique mutagenized oat population, derived from the Lantmännen variety Belinda.

The Belinda genome sequence

Access to the entire Belinda sequence facilitates studies on oat gene structure, gene discovery and gene function.

Oat Pan genome

Using the de novo assembled Belinda genome sequence as a first entry, we are now initiating sequencing…

Molecular marker development

Once specific mutation that give rise to defined phenotypes have been identified, 

Other technology

The Company has developed a number of novel high precision small scale selection procedures 

Our services

Steps in Developing a New Oat Variety for a Business Partner

1) Formulation

The partner describes the ideal oat for their purpose.

2) Translation

Crop Tailor uses its expertise in biochemistry and plant molecular biology to translate this description of properties.

3) Discovery

CropTailor develops a biochemical assay for the character and screens the mutagenized oat population.

4) Proof of Concept in Crop

A number of oat lines that carry mutations in the particular biochemical reaction required will be identified.

5) Propagation and Commercialisation

After POCC has been obtained, lines are tested in the field 


CropTailor will be a world leader in the area of oat pre-breeding by 2020

Our vision is to increase oat cultivation in Sweden for the benefit of both the environment and Swedish farmers and Export industry


We are a biotech company specialized in oat founded in Gothenburg

CropTailor’s business idea is to develop new niche oat varieties with enhanced agricultural and health benefitting properties. 

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