About us

History of the company

CropTailor was founded in 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Olof Olsson, Lundagrion AB (Rickard Öste), Strandbacken Syd (Carsten Arnt-Jensen), Hisingsgården HB (Jan Rundqvist), VL-Stiftelsen (Anders Jonsson) and GU Holding (GU-Ventures).

Later Fellekjopet Agri, Lantmännen and researchers working with Olof Olsson at Gothenburg University joined as owners.
In 2012, the company moved to Lund with localities at the Chemistry Centre at Lund University

In June 2015 Lantmännen acquired the share majority in CropTailor and several of the original founders were bought out


The company is located at the Chemistry Center at Lund University.

The address is Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Naturvetarvägen 16, 221 00 Lund.

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